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Hawthorne Medical Associates


Our Financial Policy
If you receive a bill it is because we believe we have collected everything we can from your insurance and the balance is your responsibility. If you receive a bill but think the insurance company should have paid, call your insurance company. If you are unable to pay your bill, please call the billing office to work out payment arrangements.

If we have sent two bills and have not received payment, we will send a letter asking whether there has been some oversight or problem. You should contact our billing office at (706) 310-1316 if you have questions or problems with your account. You can make arrangements for a payment plan.

If we have sent three bills, have not received payment and have not heard from you, your physician will be notified. He or she will then decide whether to send your account to a collection agency. Most often, if your account is sent to collections, you will be dismissed from the practice.

Our Charges
We have a fee schedule listing our charge for each service the physician might provide or order. It is updated annually. We can provide this list to you.

Please be aware that it is your insurance company that determines how much you have to pay. Each plan has a complicated formula of fee schedules, covered and non-covered services, deductibles, copays and coinsurance that are applied when your claim is processed. Because there are so many different variables, we cannot predict this in advance.

No Insurance/Self Pay
We know that patients without insurance are faced with the highest cost of medical care. We offer a Time of Service Discount. The Time of Service Discount is only offered to patients who have no insurance and are not otherwise eligible for discounts negotiated by insurance companies. To qualify for the discount you must pay a "deposit" at check-out on the date of service. If you do not pay a deposit on the date of visit, the full fee schedule will be charged. Only accounts in good standing are eligible for the Time of Service Discount. (If your account is delinquent no discount will be given.)

If your insurance requires that you pay a copay, we request that you pay at check-out. If you don't pay your copay at check-out for whatever reason, we will add an extra charge of $9.99 to cover the cost of sending you a bill. Please help us keep costs down by being prepared to pay your copay on the day of your visit.

At Check Out
The receptionist will ask you to pay your copay and any previous outstanding balance when you check out. She does not know the amount of your charges for the day's visit. After your visit, the physician will send the charges to the billing office, we will file a claim to your insurance, and then we will bill you for any outstanding amount after insurance pays.

Methods of Payment
We accept cash, checks, money orders, and Mastercard, Visa and Discover debit and credit cards. We do not accept post-dated checks.

Returned Check Charge
If your check is returned by the bank for any reason, a $20 charge is assessed. We will automatically redeposit your check one time.

Questions About Your Account
Our check-out receptionists can answer some questions about your account, but most questions will need to be referred to a billing office representative. Someone is available at each office.

Forms and Letters
We charge $20 to complete most forms and special letters. Insurance companies will not pay this charge. It is your responsibility. You can pay us when you drop off the form, or when you pick it up. If you want us to mail the form or letter, we accept credit card payments. We would be happy to complete forms during an office visit for no additional charge.

Charges for Telephone Calls
There may be a charge for obtaining medical care over the telephone. This is at the physician's discretion. This most often happens when you are requesting a prescription or have declined to come to the office for an apppointment but want to receive medical care over the phone instead. Sometimes insurance companies pay for this but if not, you will have to pay the charges yourself.

Other Charges
When you have lab drawn at our office there is sometimes an additional charge for services provided outside our office. You will receive a separate bill for these services. Contact the phone number on the bill for help with questions.

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